Evidence and studies

The work with evidence and validation is crucial for us, and a presumption for making Mindmore a viable tool in healthcare. Our tests are designed according to the clinical and scientific standards in cognitive testing.

To the extent possible, Mindmore’s tests look the same as those made with paper and pen. The main difference is that our tests are digital, self-administering and have their own normative comparison base. In other words, we lean on established knowledge in cognitive testing.

Mindmore has been used in several clinical settings, including our pilot customers at Rimbo hälsocentral and Norrtälje hälsocentral.



Our research team continuously conduct studies to ensure quality and clinical accuracy. Our studies are mainly focused on two areas:

  • Validation - to ensure that our digital tests measure what is intended.

  • Normative data - to collect own normative data within relevant populations.

Equivalence study 2018/2019 - completed.
We have conducted a large validation study with 90 participants aged 20 to 80 years together with the Department of Psychology at Stockholm University, Division of Clinical Geriatrics, Department of Neurobiology at Karolinska Institutet, and Universidad de la Laguna. Showing positive results, the study investigates whether the digital tests gave the same results as those made with paper and pen. The article will be published in Frontiers of Psychology in the coming weeks. An abstract is already available here.

Normative study, summer 2019 - ongoing.
We are currently collecting normative data that will form Mindmore's own comparison base. The study is expected to be completed in September 2019 and consists of a total of >500 participants. The purpose is to ensure that our normative data is as accurate as possible, and covers all necessary populations.


Right now we are looking for participants for our normative study. Application is open to healthy persons of all ages with all kinds of educational backgrounds. As a participant, you will undergo various cognitive exercises including attention, memory and spatial abilities. It takes about 45 minutes and takes place at our lab at Tekniska Högskolan in Stockholm.

When the study is completed you will receive your result with your cognitive profile.

Click here if you are interested in participating in the study. Fluency in Swedish is required for participating. The information page is only available in Swedish at the moment. Please contact us at nyfiken@mindmore.com if you need more information.



Mindmore is a medical technology product that is CE-marked as class 1 via the Swedish Medical Products Agency. It is compliant with GDPR and all data is stored according to PDL.

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