Three simple steps

Mindmore is a digital platform for cognitive testing. It can be used by health centers, memory clinics, psychiatric hospitals or other health care providers working with cognitive diseases. The platform consists of a number of test batteries that take 20-45 minutes each to complete.


Step 1: TESTing

The patient visits a health centre or other healthcare provider and takes the tests on one of Mindmore’s tablets, without any staff needing to be with them.

step 2: ANALYSis

The result is automatically corrected and serves as a basis for doctors, psychologists, therapists or nurses to decide whether the patient should be referred to a specialist.

step 3: follow-up

The next time the patient takes the tests, the outcome can be compared to previous results. In this way, the patient’s mental progression can be monitored.

What is Mindmore measuring?

Mindmore helps clinicians get a quick and good overview of patients' cognitive states. The platform has its own normative database which each test is automatically compared against. The tests are evidence-based and developed according to established research and practice.
In other words, they look the same as existing tests made with paper and pen.


Process speed and attention
- Mental process speed
- Selective attention
- Eye-hand coordination

- Simple reaction time
- Choice reaction time

 Visuospatial ability
- Visuospatial ability


- Working memory
- Attention
- Counting ability
- Short-term memory for linguistic or non-linguistic material
- Learning linguistic material
- Verbal long-term memory
- Recognition


Executive functions
- Mental flexibility
- Word flow
- Impulse control
- Planning and problem solving

- Naming / semantic memory
- Understanding

Why Mindmore?



Reduced administration for staff
Highly trained staff do not need to lead or correct paper samples, and can spend more time on diagnosis, care and patient meetings.

Reduced anxiety in patients
With faster response times, patients do not have to hover in uncertainty for long periods of time, which in itself can be a great mental strain.

Saves resources for healthcare
When testing is done on a larger scale at an early stage in the care flow, one can act quickly in detecting cognitive changes.


Increased reliability
As the tests are digital, they are always carried out in the exact same way, which increases their clinical and scientific accuracy.

Refined referrals
The app collects large amounts of data which makes it easier for healthcare professionals to make safe assessments and remit to the right specialist care.

Help with difficult cases
When more patients can be tested, it will also be possible to get the cognitive perspective into difficult cases of illness.


Individual baseline value
Each patient who takes any of the tests gets an individual baseline value that can be used for comparison in the future.

Compare care methods

When patients’ mental and cognitive health can be monitored, it is also easier to evaluate the effects of different treatments.

Easier sharing of results

The digital format enables for detailed cognitive profiles to be shared between different healthcare institutions.

How to get started

Getting started with Mindmore is easy. Our tablets have pre-installed software that is easy to use. Before each implementation, we carefully present how everything works. The service is user-friendly and already in place at several clinics in Sweden. Get in touch with us if you have questions or would like to take a closer look at the product. We are happy to do a demo.


1. Demo

Contact us and we will demonstrate how it works.

2. education

We educate your staff, online or at site. It takes 2 hours.


We help you get started with the first patients.

4. SupPort

We answer all your questions if any problems should occur.