Commitment that makes a difference

Cognitively related diseases are a growing problem. They are often related to stress, burnout, sleep problems or abuse. They may also appear in connection with aging or as a result of a stroke, epilepsy, tumor or head injury.

Nevertheless, today's testing methods are resource-intensive and have limited accuracy. The license fees are high, the test leader should be specially trained, and the correction work is done manually. We want to change that.

Mindmore allows for more patients to test their cognitive functions while relieving healthcare staff from administrative work.



Our philosophy is to collaborate between medical and technical disciplines to create useful, digital tools that can make a difference in healthcare. For that reason, we listen carefully to what clinicians and healthcare staff have to say.

Our work process includes clinical trials interspersed with user tests. We have an open dialogue with healthcare providers to constantly adapt our product to current needs.

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Mindmore is a Sting company. We have received support from ALMI, medtech4health, Vinnova, EIT Health, SWElife and Stockholm University's innovation office. In addition, we have been awarded by the Psychological Association.


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